We handle both English and Italian wills and probate.

Writing a will ensures your wishes regarding your money, your possessions and your property are carried out after you die and that your family and loved ones are looked after in the way that you want.

We also act as administrators and executors and we manage estates of the deceasd.

An Executor is appointed by the deceased and is responsible for collecting assets, paying any estate liabilities from estate funds, paying any legacies as per the deceased’s will and distributing the residue of the estate as per the will or the rules of intestacy if no will is available.  
An administrator is appointed by court according to the relationship status to the deceased person. An administrator appointed by court is necessary, if the deceased person did not appoint an executor or if the executor is unwilling or unable to act or the estate is an ‘interstate’ estate as no will is available.

Whether or not inheritance tax is due depends on the value of the estate and the beneficiaries. Whether you are writing a will or administering an estate, our leading wills and probate solicitors are here to assist you with your questions.

Do you want to make sure your will is valid? Or do you suspect that a will of a loved one who passed away is invalid? Our leading will and probate solicitors are here to assist you if you are left with an invalid will.

Seeking to contest a will?
A will can be contested for the following reasons:
– Lack of due execution
– Lack of testamentary capacity
– Revocation
– Lack of knowledge and approval
-Undue coercion
Our leading wills solicitors are here to assist you if you are seeking to contest a will.