The Corona Act is currently going before Parliament at a breakneck speed, and has the power to be in place for 2 years. The Act will almost certainly be issued without proper scrutiny when the Government has had months to get the legislation properly debated as the spread of Corona to the UK was inevitable once the first cases arrived in Korea and other countries.

At ADL, we’re keeping a watch on the powers and what the Government claim are their powers as, despite the glib statement at the start of the Bill that the Secretary Matt Hancock has made the following statement under section 19(1)(a) of
the Human Rights Act 1998: “In my view the provisions of the Coronavirus Bill are compatible with the Convention rights.”

This is enormously questionable (see our commentary)

Where Do I see the Bill?
The Coronavirus Bill 2019-21 – all 360+ pages – can be seen at the following locations:


The Bill as introduced is set out at

The Bill had its 1st reading in the House of Commons on 19.03.2020 but the Government did not provide any time for debate.

The Bill provides for the powers to be in place for a period of 2 years….. without scrutiny and provides really wide powers for ministers to increase measures.

See our rolling commentary on the act and its uses.