DL was originally founded as a pure technology law firm by Nick Lockett (together with the necessary Intellectual Property Law) who was the first European lawyer to practice and specialise in what was then known as cyberspace in 1993 and which today is known as the Internet and E-Commerce. Since then the firm has grown considerably but technology is still at the heart of much of what we do. Our lawyers have significant expertise in a broad range of disputes and claims across the IT, technology and telecommunications sectors and are renowned for being able to deal with the complex, bespoke nature of many agreements in this sector  (many of which we often find are drafted contain traps for the unwary).

We are experts at analysing these contracts, advising our clients of their rights and guiding them through the disputes process.

We are pride ourselves that the agreements we draft are easily understandable and without hidden traps because we understand that clients are seeking a long-term mutually beneficial arrangement when they contract.

We are also experienced in acting on cases involving allegations of underperformance or variation of contractual scope, breach of licensing terms or the failure of a joint venture (JV), and where our clients’ key objective is often to terminate their existing contracts.

We don’t take hopeless cases and if you don’t have a realistic prospect of winning, we’ll tell you so right at the start (assuming you’ve given us all the information necessary to properly analyse your case).

Our clients include e-commerce businesses, software developers and licensees, outsourcing suppliers and customers, technology and telecoms providers, mobile network operators, managed service providers, digital gaming developers, artificial and machine intelligence developers as well as a vast variety of other IT and technology clients.

We also have experience advising on claims involving issues such as digital fraud, internet traffic manipulation, web scraping, crawling, computer misuse and theft of confidential information relating to innovative technology concepts and misuse of trade secrets.

As a specialist  bespoke firm we rarely encounter the conflicts of interests (including economic conflicts) that are an issue for many of the larger law firms which enables us to act against well-known technology and telecoms providers, as well as major financial institutions and government departments, who are some of the largest consumers of IT services and software.

In business sectors that are being transformed by technology, we guide our clients with their commercial technology procurement and deployment. We support them in the development of their online and digital commerce activities and work with supply-side providers to banking, insurance, media, professional services, retail and travel companies as well as to the public sector.

We also understand that the security of infrastructure and the data stored within it is now a Board level issue and critical to a company’s reputation and risk management and that this means putting robust processes in place, as well as implementing processes that are attack-ready as well as attack-aware and that companies have in place proper investigation, corporate response and subsequent reporting systems incorporating current legally required practices and best practice in security of networks and data, including consideration of encryption and export control issues, industry standard cybersecurity requirements (GDPR, PRA, FCA & OfCOM standards) and meet with the various Information Services Directive.

We advise how to audit your existing cybersecurity practices, procedures and suggested actions including regulatory, industry and government guidance as well as reviewing relevant contracts, internal policies, employee training and advising on appropriate terms / apportionment of liability and maintenance of trade secrets. We also can advise on cyber insurance, interception of communications and data retention obligations, your response to a cyberattack or loss / theft of corporate or personal data and consequential strategies to mitigate potential liability.

In e-commerce, which has transformed the way in which retail operates in ways that could not be foreseen in 1993 when we started advising on e-commerce, money is spent, one thing that we predicted and has come true is that you can’t buck the e-commerce marketplace. Even Tesco Direct admitted that that they’d entered too late and couldn’t compete with Amazon and with increasing numbers of consumers choosing to shop online, the opportunities for web based businesses grow every day as does the need for brisk & mortar businesses to get and stay online, but it is not always a trouble-free way of operating and requires working through the complexities and the legal implications and the raft of separate legislation dealing with data protection, online trading, electronic marketing and distance selling. including under-age sales or fraud.

Our IT solicitors are committed to providing a consistently exceptional legal advisory service to tech companies based in London, all over the UK and internationally.