The ADL Franchise Team provides a wide range of services for both franchisors and franchisees. We take a clear and practical approach to our client’s needs, ensuring that we understand the business plan and offer advice best suited for their commercial goals.Our specialised lawyers have over 30 years of extensive experience and specific expertise in this area, (especially in relation to European and International franchises seeking to set up in the UK and UK Franchises seeking to set up in Europe (especially Italy) as well as Internationally. Expanding a franchise internationally is a landmark of corporate success, and involves utilising the local knowledge of international franchisees to appeal to new markets, but  international expansion requires a high level of attention to detail and awareness of international franchising laws. At ADL we are experienced in working closely with franchisors to create entry strategies, international company structures, and documentation adhering to a range of international regulations.Services for franchisee
Becoming a franchisee is a great opportunity to manage a business with the security of an established brand and the support of a client network. We are here to represent you when you sign your first franchise agreement and throughout your journey as a franchisee or when you sign up your first franchisee and all of those thereafter. Franchise agreement reviews
Buying a franchise can be rewarding way to do business and is a common way of starting out as a franchisee. However, the first vital step in the process is to ensure that you fully understand and agree to the terms of a franchise agreement before parting with any money.
We  review your franchise agreement and provide you with clear and practical advice on its terms.However, purchasing an existing franchise business from a trading franchisee is an easy way to gain instant access to an existing client base, work force and trading history and whilst most franchise agreements give franchisees the right to sell the business – subject to conditions set out by the original franchisor – there are extensive checks that need to be carried out and our team is able to lend their expertise to both buying franchisees and seller franchisees.Franchisees and property
One of the first things you will need to consider as a new franchisee might be acquiring a suitable property from which to trade from. We offer a full range of franchise real estate services, negotiating and advising on acquisition of freehold or leasehold properties, license permissions, alterations and fit-outs.Disputes with franchisors
Should a dispute with a franchisor or franchisee occur, our dispute resolution team are on hand to provide an overview of the strengths and weaknesses of your case, and set out your options moving forward.  From preparing your franchise agreement to managing your expanding network, we are here to help with the ever-increasing responsibilities of running a franchise network. So whether you are looking to re-negotiate the terms of your franchise agreements, seek compensation for losses, or respond to a complaint, we will work hard to find an agreeable and cost-effective solution.

We understand that your franchise is based around trade secrets and  intellectual property (IP) and that this is a valuable asset. Coupled with our intellectual property team, we can advise on how best to format your business, your franchise strategy and the drafting of key documentation that includes the franchise agreement. This is document that sets out your relationship between you and your franchisees.

Intellectual property protection. With our technology and intellectual property divisions. we’re one of few UK-based franchise firms fully able to advise franchisors on a broad range of issues including trademark registration, copyright, and confidentiality across multiple jurisdictions.

Our practical and commercial approach ensures we deliver tailored business solutions to meet your needs.